FAQ | Tile Installation & Bathroom Renovation

Here Are Some Of The Freqeuently Asked Quetions And Answers 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Tile In My Home?

Canadian Tile Pro takes a lot of things into consideration. This includes condition of the substrate (levelness or evenness), size of the tile, type of tile (porcelain or natural stone), waterproofing, square footage, etc.

But we’ve simplified the process. To get a fast quote, simply contact Sol with the following information:

1. Square footage of your space
2. The size of your tile
3. Pictures of your space

He will contact you with an estimate and book an in person consultation to finalize your quote after viewing.

How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost?

For more information, please click here to read the blog on “The Cost Of A Bathroom Renovation”

How Long Does It Take To Renovate A Bathroom?

A typical bathroom renovation can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of work that is required to complete the job. 

What Measures Do You Take To Protect My Home During The Renovation?

Protecting your home from damage during the renovation is very important to us. Here are some of the things that we do:

1.We put down drop sheets on all walkways

2. We cover all openings with plastic

3. We do all our grinding or cutting in the garage or outside

4. We sweep the work areas before the end of the day in order to prevent dirt to travel anywhere else in your home

5. We use outdoor shoes and indoor shoes

What's The Difference Between Porcelain Tile and Ceramic Tile?

Porcelain Tile is manufactured at higher temperatures, is more dence and therefore is more impermeable to water as compared to ceramic tile. Today, most people use porcelain tile to tile their surfaces. 

Do You Provide The Tile?

Due to the large selections available for tile, we suggest the client to choose the tile that they want install. We would be happy to pick up and deliver it from the store for a small delivery fee. 

Futhermore, we provide all the building material related to the installation.

How long does it take to install tile?

Each tile project is unique and will depend on a few different things: the product being used, the space where the product is being installed, and how much time needs to be spent on prep & layout. Once we get the required information, we will give you an approximate timeline. 

Should I order extra Tile?

When you buy your tile, it is recommended to order 10%-15% extra product based upon pattern layout to accommodate for cuts and repairs. Availability and style of tiles are always changing so having an extra box is recommended. We will let you know how much to get!

What's the difference between sanded and unsanded grout?

The difference between sanded and unsanded grout is silica sand. The sand acts as a filler and adds strength for application in grout joints larger than 1/8 inch. Unsanded grout is for grout joints 1/8 or smaller. 

What Colour Grout Should I Choose?

Grout is as much a personal option as selecting your tile. We can make suggestions based on what’s commonly used, however, we usually get our clients to select the color that is right for them and their design objective. 

What procedures should I follow when removing old tile?

Each demolition project is unique.  Almost always a need for a demolition hammer is required. We do provide demotion services. 

What Type Of Backsplash Tiles Can We Install In The Kitchen?

We can install the following kitchen backsplash tiles:

  • Glass backsplash tiles
  • Porcelain subway tiles
  • Mosaic backsplash tiles
  • Natural stone backsplash tiles


Sol Farahmand is an A+ Contractor. This Canadian Tile Pros personality, craftsmanship, and critical thinking skills are going to take this company all the way. Don't miss your chance to get on his schedule.



Sohil did a fantastic job tiling the floors in my kitchen and bathroom as well as my shower walls. I was particularly impressed with how he handled the uneven floors in my condo and would recommend him to anyone planning a renovation.


Sol went above and beyond the regular scope of work, we had a very challenging job with an uneven floor, he took the time to get it right consulting with us as homeowners along the way. We couldn’t be happier with the results of our new bathroom and shower. Thank you Sohil


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