Kitchen BAcksplash Installation

Installing a backsplash can transform the look and feel of your kitchen by adding a beautiful new design that matches your taste. 


Backsplash Installation Services

A backsplash can update the look of your home, improve the look, and add value to your home/income property/work space in about 2 days! Here are 3 ways you can incorporate backsplash tiles to decorate your home.

Kichen Backsplash

home depot backsplash

A kitchen backsplash can be a focal point of your kitchen. It can protect the walls around your counter top from dirt and grease while cooking an yet provide an aesthetic appeal to the overall look of your kitchen.  

Living Room Accent Wall

groutless vaneer stone tile

Living rooms or TV rooms can be dramatically improved with some veneer backsplash stones. It gives texture, colour, shadows, and ambience to to the overall space.

Fireplace Surround

fireplace backsplash

A fireplace can become a centre of attention when you add a backsplash around it. Couple that with some pencil tile trim and a tiled hearth and you got yourself something of great value in your home.

Backsplash Tile Options

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles are very common these days and known for their water resistance and durability. Porcelain tiles are also moisture  resistant and come in both mat and glossy finish. They are also cost effect and come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colours. porcelain tile are also simple to install and probably on the low end when it comes to backsplash installation cost. 

Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles are available in many different styles and sizes, and an almost endless array of colors and finishes. Glass does not absorb moisture, glass backsplashes come in both glossy or mat finish. Glass tiles also don’t get stained easily. When it comes to installing glass backsplash, they are on the medium end of difficulty. Therefore the cost to install glass backsplash can be more.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Tiles  can include Travertine, Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone, and many more.  They are produced from natural materials that are quarried, slabbed, finished, and then cut to size. When it comes to installing a natural stone backsplash, they are on the high end of difficulty. Therefore the cost to install glass backsplash can be more.

Stainless Steel Tiles

Stainless Steel Tiles often come in the form of a mosaic sheet of small pieces of finely shaped metals. They are made to withstand water and moisture. Metal backsplashes are on the higher end of difficulty and therefore the cost to install metal backsplash can be more. 

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles are a mixture of varied sized or shaped tiles and can often be of different materials such as porcelain & glass. These are the most common type of backsplashes. When it comes to installation, these are simple to install and fall on the low end of backsplash installation cost. 

Natural Stone Vaneers

Otherwise known as stacked stone tiles, these are limestone or engineered stone that are joined together on a sheet. The are often installed around fireplaces or accent walls in living rooms.  They are simple to install and fall on the low end of backslash installation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install backsplash tile?
  1. We first start with preparing the surface to ensure that is clean, smooth, and can withstand the weight of the tile being installed. 
  2. We then set up a layout of the tiles and decide where all the cuts are going to go.
  3. We decide on the appropriate adhesive based on the type of tile we are working with
  4. Tiles are laid according to the layout that was planned earlier. Tile trim or edging are placed at propriate locations
  5. The backplash is grouted and siliconed with a clean final delivery.
How much does it cost to Install A Backsplash?

The cost to install a backsplash is directly related to it’s complexity for installation. It can vary depending on the type of type, design, layout and number of electrical outlets, and amount of square footage. Backplashes can range anywhere between $800- $2000. 

Do you supply the backsplash tile?

Yes we do! But you choose the tile that you like from our online tile showroom. You’ll automatically be eligeable for discount when you hire us to do the install. 

How long does it take to install a backsplash?

Don’t believe anyone who says they can install a backsplash in one day. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration a backsplash that will last many years to come. For example, you shouldn’t grout on the same day, silicone needs to be applied after the grout is fully dried, etc.

A backsplash can take anywhere from 2-3 days depending on type of tile, design, and layout.


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