If you are thinking of hiring a bathroom renovation contractor for your bathroom renovation project in Oakville, you’ve come to the right place.

Homeowners in Oakville come to us because they feel confident that their renovation experience will be second to none. We also make the entire process easy with a free design consultation which we will help you select great quality designer finishes.

We take tremendous pride in our bathroom renovation projects in Oakville and focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience.

Our tried and tested process is laid out right from the start so that you as a client are receiving updates right to your phone!

Best of all, we do all our own bathroom tile installation as well because tile is our passion.

With our passion and expertise, we’ll be your partner in your bathroom renovation every step of the way.

1. Design consultation and a quote

2. Cover floor and dust mitigation system

3. Demo/Disposal

4. Framing where required

5. Plumbing and electrical 

6. Drywall and plaster and tile backer-board

7. Waterproofing and priming

8. Floor levelling

9. Tiling

10. Siliconing corners

11. Installing fixtures, toilet, vanity

12. Glass Enclosure


Professional Tile Installation

Tiling is an important part of a bathroom renovation, so you get quality tile work with correct waterproofing done!


Clean And Tidy Renovation In Your Home

We cover your floors, put drop sheets on your stairs, and minimize dust in your home

Stay In The Loop

We keep you posted on every stage of the renovation to ensure you are aware about what is happening in your bathroom renovation

Stress Free Renovation Experience

We’ll take the stress out of your renovation by taking care of everything from design to completion.

Our Services Offers:


Licensed and Insured

Professional Workmanship


On Time and On Budget

Product Recommendations

What To Expect From A Bathroom Installation

bathroom renovation oakville

Elevate your home with a touch of elegance and added value through a bespoke bathroom renovation from Canadian Tile Pro. Nestled in the heart of Oakville, we specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into luxurious sanctuaries. Whether you’re looking to refresh a cozy powder room or convert your master bathroom into a lavish escape, our team brings a fusion of passion, expertise, and deep product knowledge to every project. Dive into a world where beauty meets functionality, and let us guide you smoothly through the journey of creating the bathroom of your dreams, infused with innovative design concepts that make the process not just easy, but truly enjoyable.

Renovating a bathroom is a huge task! The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the home. The best way to think about a bathroom renovation is that it needs to functional and yet stylish. Every bathroom renovation task includes a level of creative design and we’ll help you figure it all out. As a homeowner, you need to take the time to examine the bathroom specialist that you hire for the task.

 How Long Does It Take To Renovate A Bathroom?

A common bathroom renovation can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the quantity of work that is needed to finish the task. It all depends on elements such as how old the house is, which can impact the quantity of preparation work that requires to be done on framing, plumbing, or electrical to bring whatever up to code. A consultation can clear up many of these types of concerns prior to beginning your bathroom renovation task.


How Do You Protect My Home During The Tile Renovation?

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Protecting your home from damage throughout the renovation is extremely important to us.

  • We begin by putting down drop sheets on all sidewalks to guarantee that your flooring is not harmed throughout the bathroom renovation.
  • We cover the entry method opening into the bathroom with plastic to lessen dust going to other parts of your house.
  • When we begin tiling, we do all our grinding in the garage or exterior of your house.
  • We sweep the workspace prior to completion of the day in order to avoid dirt to take a trip anywhere else in your house.

The 12 Steps We Take Your Bathroom Through To Completion!

1. Design consultation and a quote

2. Cover floor and dust mitigation system

3. Demo/Disposal

4. Framing where required

5. Plumbing and electrical

6. Drywall and plaster and tile backer-board

7. Waterproofing and priming

8. Floor levelling

9. Tiling

10. Siliconing corners

11. Installing fixtures, toilet, vanity

12. Shower glass

bathroom renovation burlington

Our 5 Stage Bathroom Installation Process

  • We set up our disposal bin to localize all the garbage
  • We put down protective shields on all areas that may be affected by the renovations
  • We complete the entire demolition and remove everything necessary
  • We take care of anything to do with plumbing and electrical
  • We complete any framing
  • We do drywall installation
  • We waterproof your shower area
  • We paint the walls in your bathroom
  • We complete all tile installation
  • We silicone all corners in the shower
  • We install the bathroom fixtures
  • We Install glass enclosure
  • We remove all garbage left behind

Meet Sol!

I am a certified renovation technician with a specialization in tile installation. I am passionate about bringing beauty to any space I work on. As the founder of Canadian Tile Pro, my focus is quality workmanship backed by great customer service. 


Our commitment is to provide customers with the highest standard of customer service

We Are Here To Be Your Guide…

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Real Customer Reviews

I was having some issues with the tiles being installed in my home and I wanted to get some education on the installation process. I wanted this knowledge for myself so I wouldn’t be left entirely at the mercy of any installer but would be able to have an educated conversation. I called Sol and he was very kind and spent time with me on the phone and gave me his advice. Now I know at least what it is Im supposed to look for when the work is being done.
Thank you Sol for the gift of your time and sharing your knowledge.


Sol was great to work with through this whole process of us getting a backsplash done in our kitchen. He is very knowledgeable and has an eye for the little details. The craftsmanship in this work is amazing and the amount of care he puts into the job is shown in the results. He was also very specific in the way he laid out his work station to avoid making any mess in our home.

I would highly recommend going with Sol if you are thinking about doing any tiling work. The whole experience was great.


Sol & Canadian Tile Pro recently demolished and re-tiled our kitchen floor/backsplash, and I have never been more impressed with a contractor. Not only do they offer great responsiveness/customer service, but Sol is a perfectionist. We also purchased the tile from his tile shop and it is top quality. If you are looking for value, timeliness, honesty, perfection, and knowledge – Canadian Tile Pro perfect for you. He is also a really great/funny guy which makes having him on your job site extra enjoyable. It was an absolute pleasure, and I am extremely impressed with the result. I would give 100 stars if that was an option!


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