Considering a professional for your kitchen backsplash installation near Oakville? You’re in the perfect spot.

We specialize in tile installation with a particular emphasis on backsplash projects. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality of service, ensuring your complete satisfaction with a 100% guarantee.

No matter the type of backsplash tile you desire, from porcelain to natural stone, we’ve got you covered in Oakville. Our expertise includes installing subway tile backsplashes and mosaic tile designs.

We don’t just install a backspash, we install beauty in your kitchen!

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Professional Backsplash Tile Installation

Tiling is an important part of a kitchen renovation, so you will get quality tile work done to make sure your kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing!

Clean And Tidy Renovation In Your Home

We cover your floors, put drop sheets on your stairs, and minimize dust in your home.

Stress Free Renovation Experience

We’ll take the stress out of your renovation by taking care of everything from design to completion.

Our Value To You:


Subway Tile Backsplash Installation

Mosaic Backsplash Installation

Herringbone Backsplash Installation

Glass Backsplash Installation

What To Expect From A Backsplash Installation


Installing a backsplash enhances the aesthetics of homes in Oakville Ontario. Canadian Tile Pro offers comprehensive tile installation services for Oakville homeowners aiming to beautify their kitchens with a new backsplash. Our design and build services deliver expert guidance, extensive product knowledge, and innovative design concepts, making the design journey effortless and enjoyable.

Choosing Canadian Tile Pro means entrusting your property to reliable hands. We are committed to reducing disruption to your daily activities as we carry out our work. Efforts will be made to control dust during the process, and we ensure a tidy job site upon completion of each day’s work.


Approaching a tile backsplash installation should be seen as a systematic endeavor, each step carefully planned to ensure no detail is overlooked, thus preventing any unforeseen issues. Canadian Tile Pro possesses the expertise and resources to manage any backsplash project efficiently, offering a comprehensive solution for your needs. With a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, our work is a blend of technical skill and artistry, considering elements like color, texture, and style. Tile installation is not just a job; it’s an art form that adds a unique touch to each project. Allow us to craft a design that reflects your vision and enhances the beauty of your space to its fullest potential.

Just how much Does A Tile Backsplash Installation Cost?

Consider backsplash installation as an artistic endeavor rather than merely a task measured by square footage. The value of art lies in the effort, intricacy, and creativity involved in its creation. Just as you wouldn’t price a painting by the amount of canvas the paintbrush touches, it’s similarly inappropriate to assess a tiler’s work on such a basis. The compensation for a tiler should not only reflect the completion of the task but also the creation of a piece that instills pride. To obtain an accurate estimate that reflects this craftsmanship, the initial step is to complete our quote request form.


How long does it take to install a backsplash?

Don’t believe anyone who says they can install a backsplash in one day. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration a backsplash that will last many years to come. For example, you shouldn’t grout on the same day, silicone needs to be applied after the grout is fully dried, etc.

A backsplash can take anywhere from 2-3 days depending on type of tile, design, and layout.


Do you sell the backsplash tile?

backslash oakville

Yes we do! But you choose the tile that you like. You’ll automatically be eligible for 15% discount when you hire us to do the install.


How Do You Protect My Home During The Tile Installation?

Protecting your home from damage throughout the renovation is extremely important to us.

  • We begin by putting down drop sheets on all areas to guarantee that your flooring is not harmed throughout the tile installation.
  • When we begin tiling, we do all our cutting or grinding in the garage or exterior of your home.
  • We also sweep the area prior to finishing for the day in order to avoid dirt to take a trip anywhere else in your house.

Our 5 Stage Tile Installation Process


We first start with preparing the surface to ensure that is clean, smooth, and can withstand the weight of the tile being installed


We then set up a layout of the tiles and decide where all the cuts are going to go


We decide on the appropriate adhesive based on the type of tile we are working with


Tiles are laid according to the layout that was planned earlier. Tile trim or edging are placed at appropriate locations


The backsplash is grouted and siliconed with a clean final delivery

Meet Sol!

I am a certified renovation technician with a specialization in tile installation. I am passionate about bringing beauty to any space I work on. As the founder of Canadian Tile Pro, my focus is quality workmanship backed by great customer service. 


Our commitment is to provide customers with the highest standard of customer service

We Are Here To Be Your Guide…

Real Customer Reviews

I was having some issues with the tiles being installed in my home and I wanted to get some education on the installation process. I wanted this knowledge for myself so I wouldn’t be left entirely at the mercy of any installer but would be able to have an educated conversation. I called Sol and he was very kind and spent time with me on the phone and gave me his advice. Now I know at least what it is Im supposed to look for when the work is being done.
Thank you Sol for the gift of your time and sharing your knowledge.


Sol was great to work with through this whole process of us getting a backsplash done in our kitchen. He is very knowledgeable and has an eye for the little details. The craftsmanship in this work is amazing and the amount of care he puts into the job is shown in the results. He was also very specific in the way he laid out his work station to avoid making any mess in our home.

I would highly recommend going with Sol if you are thinking about doing any tiling work. The whole experience was great.


Sol & Canadian Tile Pro recently demolished and re-tiled our kitchen floor/backsplash, and I have never been more impressed with a contractor. Not only do they offer great responsiveness/customer service, but Sol is a perfectionist. We also purchased the tile from his tile shop and it is top quality. If you are looking for value, timeliness, honesty, perfection, and knowledge – Canadian Tile Pro perfect for you. He is also a really great/funny guy which makes having him on your job site extra enjoyable. It was an absolute pleasure, and I am extremely impressed with the result. I would give 100 stars if that was an option!


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