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Bathroom Renovation Cost

November 25, 2019
Sol Farahmand

Cost To Renovate A Bathroom Toronto And GTA


At Canadian Tile Pro, we do many bathroom renovations in Toronto, so let’s discuss the cost of renovating a bathroom in Toronto.

The average renovation project for a bathroom costs roughly about $15,000, and homeowners will typically pay somewhere between $10,000 and $30,000 for their bathroom renovation. Depending on your home, project, and budget, these numbers may seem very high or fairly low. Every homeowner has a unique price range and scope of work that meets the needs of their bathroom remodel.

Instead of basing your bathroom renovation off of averages and statistics, learn about real-life projects. Keep reading for three recent bathroom remodel projects by Canadian Tile Pro, all at different price points.


Basic Bathroom Renovation

At Canadian Tile Pro, we pride ourselves on meeting a wide range of budgets. Some homeowners prefer to do part of the project themselves which helps save them money. One of our recent projects involved a bathroom renovation with an approximate cost of $5,000. This made for an basic bathroom renovation.

To make the most of a lower budget, we renovated larger features that would make a big difference while the homeowner did some of the basic stuff. We focused our attention on replacing the tub and standup shower to maximize the budget. These features take up a lot of space in a bathroom, and they can set the tone for the entire room.

By focusing on the tub and shower, we were able to create an impactful and updated look with a low-cost bathroom renovation. You can give your entire bathroom a facelift just by updating a couple of items. Updating just your tiles can do wonders for your bathroom. Start by ordering samples online from our partner online tile store. Here you will find a huge selection of porcelain tiles. If you have a two to three piece bathroom or if your budget is limited, we can always find high-impact areas instead of updating the entire space.


Mid-level Bathroom Remodel

For this bathroom renovation, we completed a few more tasks to update the bathroom with a new look and feel. With an approximate cost of $15,000, we were able to focus on some of the more detailed aspects that bring a bathroom together.

For this average cost of bathroom renovation, we were able to redo the tile in the shower and floors. This step made an incredible difference in the space, offering new colors and textures to change up the room. We also replaced the vanity, which is a large item that can provide a big impact. Updating a vanity can turn an outdated bathroom into a modern oasis without breaking the bank.

Finally, we added new fixtures and put on a fresh coat of paint. The new paint coordinated with the new tile on the floors and shower to create a cohesive and welcoming space. The new fixtures provided the finishing touches to bring the entire bathroom to remodel together.


Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Larger budgets for bathroom remodels allow for some interesting projects and unique customization. For our bathroom renovation we had an approximate cost of $25,000. With such a large budget, we were able to update every aspect of the bathroom to provide an entirely new space.

For this project, we took out the bathtub to make the shower bigger before putting in new tiles. The entire room functioned better for the homeowners for the bathroom renovation in Burlington. These steps also updated the room by bringing in fresh textures and changing the layout.

We installed new pot lights to provide the optimal level of lighting for the bathroom. It is incredible how much a simple step like changing the lighting can make a big difference in the look and feel of a space. We also replaced the vanity and mirror to bring the whole room together and create a cohesive look.



No matter your budget, you can make the most of your bathroom renovation with the right team. At Canadian Tile Pro, we strive to maximize budgets by making the most impact in a space. Whether your project is on the lower end of the price range or at the very top, you can have a new and functional bathroom that meets your needs.

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