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4 Reasons For Waterproofing Your Shower

A Guide To Waterproofing Your Shower


When you are thinking about updating your bathroom, you tend to think about the floor, the tiles, wallpaper o paint, and change the toilet and sink. However, one of the things that only a few homeowners think about is shower waterproofing.

The reality is that shower waterproofing is crucial since, without it, it can be the beginning of a lot of problems in the future. It’s not uncommon to see a lot of people complaining about water dripping through their bathroom ceiling. The good news is that this can be prevented with shower waterproofing. But there are other reasons to waterproofing your shower that you should keep in mind.


#1: Stop The Leaks:


The truth is that stopping the leaks is the number one reason why you should seriously consider waterproofing your shower. After all, water always finds a way to go to the most unexpected places and this can be the beginning of a lot of problems, money spent, and headaches.

It only takes a crack or weak point in your walls or floors for you to get water on the ground floor of your home. Besides, keep in mind that water can come across electric wires.


#2: Prevent Bathroom Mold:


When you don’t have a shower waterproofing in place, the most visible part tends to be leaks. However, the worse part of this is that you aren’t seeing what is happening underneath the walls and floors. And this is usually where mold starts to buildup.

As you probably already know, mold is terrible for your health. But since you won’t even see it in some cases, you won’t even be able to clean it. So, you should definitely consider shower waterproofing.


#3: Increase Your Property Value:


No matter if you are completely remodeling your bathroom or if you are just trying to improve it a bit, the truth is that shower waterproofing is a great option that is affordable and brings huge benefits. So, you can be sure that the potential buyers will see it as a great add-on and will consider offering a higher price for your property,


#4: Insulation:


When most people think about shower waterproofing they tend only to remember the leak prevention. However, an additional benefit of shower waterproofing that is often overlooked and that it is extremely important is that waterproofing your shower can also act as a great insulator.

When your bathroom is located in contact with exterior walls, then you know that it tends to be cold, especially during the winter. And there’s nothing worse than when you are looking to take a hot shower and your bathroom is cold. This can be prevented with shower waterproofing. While you can always add a thermal unit, this will be a lot more expensive. Not to mention that you won’t be preventing leaks. So, with shower waterproofing, you will have a cozier environment during the entire year and save on your utility bill.

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