Shower Glass Enclosure

5 Benefits To Installing A Shower Glass Enclosure

A Guide To Choosing A Shower Glass Enclosure


No matter if you are considering remodeling your bathroom or if you are simply trying to improve it a bit, you should definitely consider a shower glass enclosure installation.


While most homeowners don’t even consider this since they are used to the old shower curtains, the truth is that there are many different benefits associated with this change. From the aesthetics of your bathroom to a healthier bathroom and overall indoor air throughout your home, there are countless advantages. So, let’s take a closer look at the most important ones.


#1: Let Light Come In:


I case you are used to using the older shower curtains, then you know that unless you have a direct light pointing to the shower, you won’t have a lot of light when you are taking a shower. However, with a shower glass enclosure installation, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy even more your showers. After all, you’ll be able to see the soap, shampoo, and razors easily.


#2: Make Your Bathroom Larger:


One of the reasons why more people are looking for a shower glass enclosure installation is to make their bathroom look larger. If you think about, when you use a curtain shower or even sliding doors, there seems to be a cut between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. There’s no flow. However, when you use a glass shower door instead, your bathroom will look bigger. You can then “play” with the lights and mirrors.


#3: Reduce Bathroom Mold Buildup:


There’s no question that your bathroom is one of the most prone rooms at your home for mold buildup. After all, this tends to be a very humid room. As you probably already know, mold isn’t good for your health. And if you used sower curtains, then you know that it can take you a lot of time to clean them properly. Besides, in just a couple of days, you’ll see that they need to be washed once again. So, ultimately, besides requiring a lot of maintenance, they take a lot of time as well.

On the other hand, when you install a glass shower door, you won’t need to worry about any mold buildup. The reality is that you only need to use warm soapy water to maintain it clean.

In case you’re still not convinced, then keep in mind that most shower curtains are made of vinyl that contains PVC. And PVC contains a wide range of chemicals that are dangerous for your health.


#4: Increase The Value Of Your Home:


In case you are considering selling your home, then a shower glass enclosure installation is an affordable improvement that you can make and that will increase the value of your home. After all, your bathroom won’t only seem larger as it will also feature a more modern look that everyone loves.


#5: Easy To Clean And Maintain


Your life is already too busy to think about more cleaning. You want to make sure that you get things at home more practical and time-saving. And this is exactly and you get when you replace shower curtains or double glass doors with a glass shower door.

Not only the shower glass enclosure installation is simple and fast as it is extremely easy to maintain.

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