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4 Benefits To Having A Touch free Toilet In Your Bathroom

A Guide To Having A Touch free Toilet In Your Bathroom


You probably already saw and used touch free bathrooms in all kinds of commercial buildings. And now this trend is also coming to our own homes. But do we really need them? What can they do for us?


#1: Increased Efficiency:

One of the main benefits of a touch free toilet is the fact that it improves the efficiency of your bathroom. After all, it will be able to immediately reduce the waste since a touch free toilet is programmed to deliver the right amount of water every single time. So, you can be sure that you will be saving a lot of money as well.


#2: Healthier Environment:

Bathrooms tend to attract bacteria and germs. No matter how often and how well you clean your bathroom, it is virtually impossible to get rid of them all. However, when you are using a touch free toilet, you will be preventing that these germs and bacteria spread out and contaminate other common touch points such as levers and knobs.


#3: Prolonged Lifespan:

If you live in the same home for decades, you can be sure that one of the things that you will need to change is the toilet flush. While they tend to last for quite some time, the reality is that the wear and tear will make you spend money on a new one. After all, it’s not easy to find someone who sells the equipment’s parts. So, you will need to buy a new toilet. However, when you are using a touch free toilet, the wear and tear don’t affect it so much. After all, there is not even a lever to break.


#4: More Convenient:

Another great benefit of replacing your old toilet with a new touch free toilet is that it’s a lot more convenient. After all, everything that you need to do is to stick your hands in front of a sensor. And in case you have kids at home or seniors who already have some mobility issues, touch free toilets are also a great option.


#5: Cost-Effective Option:

Whenever you consider making a change or a renovation at home, it is important to always keep in mind the associated costs. And we are not only referring to the installation costs but also to the maintenance costs, and the supplies costs. After all, since the touch free toilet will only provide the water that is needed, you will be saving a lot of money every single day. Besides, the installation of a touch free toilet is also quite simple and fast.


Bottom Line

There is a reason why so many commercial buildings are already using touch free toilets. The truth is that they are not only more comfortable as they are also cost-effective, more efficient, and keep a healthier environment. Not to mention that they last for a longer time. So, it’s about time to replace your old toilet with a touch free toilet.

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