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Top 5 Tile Design Ideas For Your Shower Wall Tile

April 13, 2020
Sol Farahmand

A Guide To Design Ideas For Your Shower Wall Tile


When you are doing a bathroom remodeling, then you want to think about every single detail. After all, you don’t do a remodeling every year.

While you may be thinking about the overall picture of your bathroom, you also need to consider the details such as your shower wall.

The reality is hat the way you decor your shower wall can deliver a completely different and unique look to your bathroom. While in the old days your only concerns were the low maintenance, durability, and the resistance to water, the aesthetics is becoming more important.

So, today, we decided to share with you some of the best design ideas for your shower wall tile. Here are the Top 5 Tile Design Ideas For Your Shower Wall Tile.


#1: Neutral Tiles:

While you may feel that you want to go bolder with your bathroom, you can still do it but using neutral tiles, especially whites.

The truth is that even though you continue to see colors such as yellow, red, and blue in shower walls, it’s important that you think not only about today’s trends but on the trends that are more likely to last. So, you should go to creams and greys since they complement neutrals in an extraordinary way.


#2: Dimensional Tiles:

In what concerns the choice of a shower wall tile, you need to think beyond the color and pattern. One of the latest trends is to use dimensional tiles. But what is this exactly?

Simply put, instead of the traditional rectangle or square, you can use other geometric shapes such as the hexagon, for example. And if you want to keep adding a unique touch to your shower wall, then you can also do some mix and match with colored tiles and create a unique pattern.


#3: Consider Large Tiles:

In case this is the first remodeling you are doing, then you should consider large tiles for your shower wall. While these tiles tend to be more difficult to install, they will add a completely different look to your bathroom.


#4: Use Modern Tiles:

More and more people are looking for clean and modern sleek lines. After all, we want to add a modern look to our bathrooms as well.

One of the best things about picking modern tiles is that manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ideas such as having designs that look like real stone.


#5: Use Some Metallic Finishes:

In case you immediately assume that metallic is something that you really don’t like, you should really see it in place.

The reality is that this is a new trend for your shower wall tiles that is becoming very popular. The truth is that metallic is reflexive and shiny. So, ultimately, this will give your bathroom a unique and gorgeous look.

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