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Marble is a natural stone that is high maintenance, soft, and can be extremely expensive. Marble look porcelain tiles are an alternative because they are very hard, durable and glazed with a polished finish. The fact that this porcelain tile is finished with a glaze makes it water resistant, stain resistant, and less likely to fade than actual marble itself.

There are many different types of marble looks because marble comes in different types. We have Carrara, Dolomite, Apuano, Calacatta, Statuario, Onice, Canalgrande, and Black Marble. All of these provide a different look for the area being tiled.

These tiles come in different sizes such as 12″x 24″ or 24″x 24″ and even 24″x 48″. What ever size you pick affects the price of the tile per square foot becomes of the cost of manufacturing bigger tiles. 

These tiles are typically laid for the patterns on the tiles to follow each other so that it almost looks like a seamless transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all tiles the same when it comes to quality?

Tiles, like any other product on the market, are not the same. Brands, country of origin play an important part of differentiating quality from no quality. When you purchase tiles from us, you can bet that we have done all the research and picked the tiles that meet our minimum requirements for quality.

Why does you tiles cost higher than Home Depot?

A common misconception is that the reason a porcelain tile is priced so low is because it was bought in such a large quantity and that lowered it's price. Although there is some truth to that, the lower price of tile is much more about quality. In most cases, it is to do with the fact that the tile was made out of recycled porcelain, low quality materials, did not receive the required quality testing, and did not receive a stamp of approval from third party tile organizations. All these things cost money for the manufacturer. So when you buy tiles that are cheap, made in China, you are literally getting what you pay for. The issue then presents itself when the tile don't last very long causing you to replace them more frequently. 

We believe in making the purchase just one, and having it last a lifetime. 

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