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Top 5 Bathroom Vanity Ideas

April 13, 2020
Sol Farahmand

A Guide To Bathroom Vanities


Vanities are returning and more people are looking for vanity ideas for their bathrooms. The reality is that while you can use them to simply hold all your beauty products and a mirror, they also add a bit of glamour and luxury. While there are many different vanity ideas that you can use, we hand-selected our favorite 5.


#1: Floating Vanity/Wall Mount Vanity:

Floating vanities/wall mount vanities are becoming more popular every day. As you can easily understand by its name, a floating vanity/wall mount vanity will be hanged on the wall which adds a different and unique touch to your bathroom.

In case your bathroom isn’t very big, floating vanity/wall mount vanity is a great option to consider.


#2: Under-Mounted Sink Vanity

If you are looking for a convenient solution for your bathroom, then using an under-mounted sink vanity is a great alternative. The reality is that it adds a lot of flexibility since you’ll be able to place the mirrors that you want.

One of the main advantages of an under-mounted sink vanity is the fact that you’ll have plenty of room for your cosmetics as well. Besides, they’re available in many different styles.


#3: Pedestal Sink Vanity

While a pedestal sink vanity may look very similar to a floating vanity, there are still important differences between the two. The most substantial difference is definitely the inclusion of a pedestal. And this can easily make your bathroom stand out since it tends to be pretty elegant. However, if you’re looking for a bathroom vanity that can hold a wide variety of items, then this isn’t a good option. After all, it doesn’t have a lot of surface space.


#4: Vessel Vanity

This is probably one of the most unique bathroom vanities that you will find. After all, a vessel vanity has the sink fitted in the vanity itself.

So, with a vessel vanity, you will get a sink that looks like a raised bowl that will clearly give your bathroom that different look hat you may be looking for.

Vessel vanities can be found across many restaurants and hotels and you probably already seen them.

One of the things that we like about this type of bathroom vanity is the fact that you can have many different storage options at the bottom. Most vessel vanities tend to come with drawers so you can keep all your items well organized.


#5: Free-Standing Vanity

Free-standing vanities are the ones that you can easily find at most homes since they are very convenient.

In case you are looking for a free-standing vanity, you will notice that most of them come in a rectangular or squared shape. However, in terms of the space available, not all free-standing vanities come with cabinet space. Some simply include this space that you can use for towels, for example.

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