Shower Wall Tile Installation

Steps To Shower Wall Tile Installation

Step 1

Figure out just how much wall tile you’ll require. Take each wall area, calculate the width times height. Sum up the wall areas and include 10% as extra so you have additional tile for errors or future repair work.

When utilizing ceramic tile, search for boxes with the exact same color lot number. Mix tile from various boxes when installing so any color variation will not be as obvious if you can’t discover coordinating numbers.

Step 2

Next, strategize your tile pattern. A tile horizontally along the length of the wall, and do a fast dry fit to make sure you do not have a lot of small tile at the end of the rows. Change your design to have larger tile on the sides if so.

For the vertical design, start your pattern at the top of the wall so there’ll be complete, uncut tile at the top. That way, if you do need to cut tile to fit, they’ll be at the bottom where the tub or shower pan might be somewhat out of level.

Begin your installation with the 2nd row if you prepare to cut the bottom row of tile. Step and mark the area for your 2nd row of tile, examine your mark for level, then connect a board to the wall to serve as a guide.

Step 3

Blend some thinset mortar according to the plan directions. You’ll desire a velvety peanut butter consistency after mixing.

Step 4

Spread out the thinset in place, operating in a little area at a time. Utilize the notched side of the trowel to texture the thinset. Every tile maker provides a suggested trowel notch size, so if you aren’t sure which trowel to utilize, examine the manufacturer suggestion.

Step 5

Utilize a tile cutter to simply score the length of the tile and press strongly to cut. Usage tile nippers or a hole saw developed for tile to cut curves on the tile.

Step 6

Inspect frequently to make certain whatever is level. It’s an excellent concept to pull one wall tile off after you install it, to inspect that the thinset is staying with the entire tile. If not, utilize a bigger notched trowel.

Step 7

When the tile remain in location, eliminate the guide board and do the bottom row. You’ll most likely need to cut some or all of these tile. Make certain that you leave a 1/4-inch growth space at the bottom.

Step 8

When the thinset has actually dried for 24 hours, get rid of the spacers and prepare the wall for grout. Many tiles have actually an advised grout that works well with them, so examine your producer’s directions.

Mix a percentage of grout at a time, and use it with a rubber float. Work it into the areas, utilizing a diagonal movement. Best to use just unsanded grout with glass, polished marble or metal tile to prevent scratching the surface.

Step 9

Once it’s dried for about 10 minutes, utilize a damp sponge to clean away any excess, however attempt not to eliminate any of the grout in the joints.

Step 10

As soon as the grout is absolutely dry, utilize a grout haze eliminator to clean up the tile deals with. This can take numerous applications to eliminate persistent haze, so take your time and be patient.

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