Flagstone Tile Installation

What is Flagstone Tile?

Basalt Flagstone Installation Toronto Project

Flagstone Tile is a sort of flat stone commonly used for paving slabs as in flagstone patio or flagstone walkway. It are often described as building and landscaping stone that’s used for paving. Flagstone is actually rock that’s split into thin layers making it suitable for installing patios and walkways. They are also utilized in steps, fences, housing, fireplaces, and lots of other construction projects. They are a natural stone and usually composed of silica, calcium, or iron oxide. Flagstones are generally available in a limitted amount of colours such as red, blue, and buff. Hoever, other exotic colors like chocolate can be found too.

Benefits of Flashstone Tile

There are many reasons for the installing flagstone for patios and walkways.  Flagstones are often laid down with cement based mortar. There’s no need of using cement in between the flagstones since we put grout between those joints. The patio designs or walkway paths are often given desirable shapes, even random ones like the picture above. Flagstones also look great as garden borders. The varied strains of colored flagstones provide amazing contrast among the colorful and diverse blooms of the flowers in the area around it.

Different Types Of Flagstones


Slate is one among the foremost common sorts of flagstone that folks use once they want to form wall cladding. Slate is a reasonably soft sort of flagstone that’s excellent for chiseling. This makes it very easy to shape slate as you see fit and it’s popular for artistic purposes for this reason.

This type of flagstone features a very distinct look and you’ll often see slate flagstones are available in two main colours: silver or a kind of gray color. However, it is possible for slate to be green or a copper . It depends on the mixture of minerals inside the slate and a couple of other factors.


Sandstone is made in sandy areas and you’ll usually find sandstone in places like Arizona in United Stated which possesses tons of sandstone. Arizona is also among the most common places where sandstone is usually plucked from. This type of flagstone has actually become very fashionable because of its beauty.

People really enjoy the look of sandstone and use it for several different purposes. It comes in its common color like beige but it can sometimes have a rather red or pink color to it.


Basalt is understood as a igneous rock and it has many special qualities. This flagstone is most frequently found in British Columbia and Montana. Basalt is really light textured and can be a good material to use in many projects. Visually it is not striking they have a particular charm to them.

You can find basalt during a few different colours. Usually you’ll find basalt in a natural gray color, but it also can be either beige or black. These colors aren’t necessarily the foremost vibrant choices in order that they won’t stand out to everyone. 

The real big benefit of using basalt is that it’s sound absorption qualities. This makes it quite nice to use for walls once you want to make noise sounds from the surface. Basalt can also be a natural insulation and you’ll be ready to cash in of those qualities quite easily. 


Limestone is basically very common and other people use it for all kinds of purposes. Limestone is capable of providing any home with a chic look. Whether you’re using limestone for flooring or if you’re creating an extravagant patio area, it’s getting to look very beautiful to install this flagstone. It is also very durable which puts it among the foremost typical flagstones that folks prefer to work with.

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