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The Real Cost Of Tiles When Renovating Your Bathroom

January 2, 2021
Sol Farahmand

Bathroom floor and wall tile is a stunning part of this room and adds class and character defining the person who lives in that home. Tile is one of the much more expensive parts of a bathroom project that you will encounter. Having said that, it also adds a level of class like no other material would to any surface. It certainly makes your home stand out in a luxurious way. It is important to consider your choices wisely because there is no redo when it comes to choosing tile.

Porcelain tile is usually picked because it is durable, simple to clean, and looks outstanding. It is one of the better selections for bathrooms and will certainly endure years of deterioration, given that you purchase one that is high quality. The low quality porcelain tiles are basically knock-offs that have not undergone testing by regulating bodies like ASTM to meet industry standards for quality.

If you are considering bathroom floor or wall tile, then it would be good to consider where you want the ceramic or porcelain tile to go and the kind of tile that you desire. For those who want something basic, you can choose to tile only the surfaces that come in contact with water such as shower floor, shower walls, and bathroom floor. The more areas you select, the more expensive but also exquisite the improvement will certainly be.

Real Cost Of Porcelain Tile Per Square Foot

The question people often ask is “How Much To Renovate A Bathroom ?” When you plan to have tile installed in a normal size bathroom, you can expect a cost of somewhere in the ballpark of $1500-$3000. If you just wish to have some of these areas to be tiled wall to wall in very large format porcelain tile with integrated design patterns, you can expect to pay $3000 or more depending on the size of your bathroom.

The above cost is for high quality porcelain tiles made in Italy or Spain. Don’t be fooled by the cheap porcelain tiles that are knock-off tiles coming from countries with no quality control or regulations on quality standards of tile. These tiles will eventually wear out causing you to need to replace them on an on going basis. What an expensive mistake!!

Cost of porcelain tile that looks like wood

Porcelain tile that looks like wood is a fairly new innovation in tile manufacturing which has people turn to tile rather than hardwood when they want that wood look on their surface. These porcelain tiles that look like wood can be placed in kitchen floors, backplashes, shower walls and almost anywhere you can think of! The cost of these porcelain tiles that look like wood can range between $6 per square foot to $10 per square foot depending on the size. The reason for the prices differences is to do with how much texture and pattern has gone into making the particular design of the tile

Cost of white subway tile for a backsplash or shower wall

White subway tile are a real classic look and it can be installed on a backplash or even on a shower wall. These tiles are ceramic tiles which are meant for walls and do not have the breakage strength to be used on floors. The cost of the white subway tile for a backsplash or wall installation can range between $3-$6 depending on the size of the tile. Smaller tiles that are 3″x 6″ glossy white subway tile are usually around the $3 per square foot price However, the more expensive tiles are ones where you have pattern and texture on the tile with a longer size such as 4″ x 12″.

What Impacts The Cost Of Porcelain Tile Per Square Foot?

There are several factors that will certainly affect the cost of putting tile in your shower or bathroom. First, if you pick to have the whole bathroom tiled wall to wall, it will cost you substantially greater than if you just want to have the important areas tiled. On top of that, the size of your restroom will certainly play a huge component in the price too. For instance, if you have a Bathroom that is 100 square feet, it will cost much less than it would to install porcelain tile a bathroom that is over 300 square feet in dimension.

Factors that affect the cost of porcelain tile per square foot:

  • The size of a tile. A 24″ x 24″ tile is more expensive than a 12″x 24″ tile.
  • The quality of the polish affects the price. A good quality tile should be polished 90-100% at the factory. Many low quality tiles are polished only 60% and never get the shine that they could have had.
  • The composition of the porcelain. If a tile is made from recycled porcelain tile, it’s going to cost a lot less than a tile that is made using quartz granules.
  • Furthermore, the composition will also determine the tile’s breakage strength and also scratch resistance. A tile with a higher scratch resistance was obviously made with better quality material than one that has a low scratch resistance
  • The complexity of the design on the tile can have an effect on the tile’s price. For example, a tile with texture is much more expensive to make than a tile that just gets printed with a picture from a computer. A tile that has sparkles is much more expensive to make than a tile that is dull and boring.
  • If the tile has passed ASTM testing standards, then the manufacturer has paid to have the tiles tested which affects the retail price.
  • The shape of the tile can affect price. For example, a hexagonal tile is often more expensive than a rectangular tile
  • Mosaic tiles are more complicated to manufacturer so their price is higher.

Before you start to look into purchasing a tile and figuring out how much to renovate a bathroom, visit our Tile University or simply Contact Us and we’ll help you by answering any questions you have!

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