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How To Choose Floor Tile For Your Foyer

April 13, 2020
Sol Farahmand

A Short Guide To Choosing The Right Floor Tile For Your Foyer


As you know, you have a wide range of floor types available that you can use on your foyer. However, we believe that the best one is floor tile. This is not only fashionable as it is also easy to clean and maintain, and it’s quite sturdy.

The foyer is the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home. So, ultimately, this can be seen as the way you dress. If you dress according to the occasion, people will see you in a particular way. However, if you tend to be kind of sloppy in your dressing way, then people will automatically think that you are a sloppy and lazy person, and that you couldn’t care less about others.

So, while you may not usually pay attention to your foyer and the way it’s decorated, you really should because it is a very important room that can say a lot about your home.

While there are many things you can do with your foyer to make it more appealing, cozy, and beautiful, today we decided to focus on the floor tile.


#1: High-Traffic Area:


The truth is that your foyer is a high-traffic area that sees a lot of comings and goings. Therefore, choosing the right kind of floor such as floor tile is very important. The truth is that you need your flooring to be durable and to handle a lot of traffic without showing off signs of wear. Besides, since it is a common passage for all members of the family, you also want to make sure that it is easy to clean by simply sweeping and mopping. And this is all offered by floor tile. Besides, and in case you aren’t still convinced of its qualities, floor tile comes in a wide range of colors, textures, and styles.

#2: Look At Larger Floor Tiles:


In case you don’t know, you can find floor tiles available in many different sizes. However, when you are looking to replace your floor tile in your foyer, you should consider getting larger tiles. This will allow you to open up the room and enhance the size of your foyer. In addition, using larger tiles also means that you need to clean less grout not to mention that the installation will be faster.


#3: Get The Look You Want:


One of the main advantages of using floor tile in your foyer is that you can pick the look that you want, even a wood look.

The truth is that you can already find floor tiles that duplicate the distinctive patterns, colors, knots, ad even grains of natural wood. So, you will get the looks but you will also get money saved and a more lasting option.

In case you don’t like the wood look, you have many other options. These include getting a floor tile that looks like granite, limestone, slate, travertine, and marble.

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